eSports Insight: The Organisation

In this article I will give gamers a little insight to the Organisations that actually help develop players and teams and much more. I decided to keep this article short and simple with just a series of questions to our own General Manager, Sebastian "Falli" Rotterdam. What role do you think organization ...


Get Rdus and THIJSNLs Hearthstone Deck


Rdu wins Deck Wars S2

Dima "Rdu" Radu has been shining once more by winning the second season of Deck Wars. Our 17 year old youngster had a really hard way untill his newest achievement. Followed by 40.000 spectators on Online-TV Rdu managed to beat Koyuki in a 4-1 series in the finals. Rdu goes out of ...


ThijsNL to participate in European Hearthstone Finals in Stockholm

The European Hearthstone Qualifier Tournament is continuing to progress, as a massive field of 130 competitors has been narrowed downto an extremely elite 16! On September 24th, 26th and 27th those 16 will compete to determine which 4 players will head to BlizzCon to represent Europe and take their chance at winning ...

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Red Bull Gaming Ground – How to push your skills before a match!

The Red Bull experience - How to push your skills before a match is starting! Red Bull Gaming Ground isn't just focusing on playing those days computer games and having some entertainment for all the visitors who join. Red Bull is offering a really impressive program for our Dota 2 Team ...


Red Bull Gaming Ground – Interview with Damir “Nestlik” Dedic

The Red Bull experience - Interview Damir "Nestlik" Dedic We recently sat down with our very own DotA 2 Team Manager Damir "Nestlik" Dedic at the Redbull Gaming Ground in Cologne. Nestlik has been working with our Dota 2 team for some time now. We talked to him regarding the event  ...


Red Bull Gaming Ground – The importance of young talent work

For the future especially in terms of quality in Sports youth education is playing an important role. This statement might fit to any sport but also in eSports? According to Red Bull’s Gaming Ground starting next week we want to grab up this interesting topic and show why working with young ...