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After months of really hard work, we can finally reveal our brand new website. Please take into consideration that this is still a Work In Progress.

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Posted on November 11th of 2013 by admin

Today we are more than happy to release our brand new website, which will serve as the hub for everything MYM related. We have wanted a new website for a long time now, since we were never really fully satisfied with the backend on the previous website, as it made a lot of tasks more complicated than they should really be.

This new website utilizes WordPress as the Content Management System, which allows us way more maneuverability in terms of modifications to functionality, and also makes it super easy for everyone to manage the site, without taking into consideration their past experience with CMS´s.


Talking about design, we decided to move away from the typical gaming website, and went for a more modern and professional look, which helps us better portray the values we think MYM represents. The new design is very different to what has sported in the past, but we hope that our users will appreciate the new design and the breath of fresh air it brings.


Regarding the content that will be featured on our website, we have decided to move away from scene coverage, mainly because the manpower needed to cover up to 4 or 5 scenes is simply too big and considering that there are many websites that already make a great job of covering the eSports scene, we feel that it would only be a waste of our resources. Ultimately, we believe that should only feature interesting and unique content, and what better way to produce such content than with the help of our very own teams and players, who we have easy access to. These days most eSports organizations have gone this route, and we believe that ultimately it will also be the right move for us. If there is any content you would like to see on the site, please do let us know by posting in the comments below.


In terms of functionality, there are still some parts of the site that are not finished, for which reason we have decided to keep them inactive for the time being. This includes user registration, as that will only be necessary when we release the MYM Prime side of the site, which will serve as our tournaments section, but, more on that when the time comes. We are aware that currently this website is not optimized for mobile devices, and we hope we can tackle that problem at some point in the future, but for now we are centering all our efforts on the non-mobile side of things, as our manpower and resources are limited.

Report Bugs and Suggestions

As with most new websites, there is the chance that you will find a bug in our new website. If you do, we would really appreciate it if you could send an email to We would also love to hear your feedback and ideas regarding the website, so please also send those to the email address mentioned before, or, post on the comments below.

We hope you will enjoy the new website as much we do, and hope that you will visit us regularly to keep informed about everything MYM related.

  • Falli

    i like it! <3

  • Javier Fernandez

    I like it too :D