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Posted on March 6th of 2014 by Paweł Wysocki

The DotA 2 scene is getting bigger and bigger as number of tournaments are rapidly increasing with each month. ASUS DreamLeague, joinDota European League, StarSeries IX just to name a few. Our team is participating in all of the listed tournaments, because as a respectable and established eSports brand, we received the invitations.

ASUS DreamLeague offers over 100.000$ prizepool and Grand Finals being played on live stage during summer, StarSeries Season IX has a 80.000$ prizepool + 2.50$ for every single ticket purchased via DotA2 game client.

With the total combined prizepool that oscillates around 200.000$ there is – without any doubts – a reason and motivation to play Your best and to do everything to defeat Your oponnents.

Let’s start with the StarSeries Season IX schedule – our first match is going to happen today – 06.03.2014 at 19:30 CET and we will face dk Insane Gaming – a mid-tier team from Russia. We should take into account that this will be our first match in StarSeries and a win is very important here. Please take note that all of the matches during group stage will be played in a best-of-1 format, so any small mistakes can result into a loss. Our other matches are going to be played as listed below :

Star Series

06.03.2014, 19:30 CET dk MeetYourMakers 1:0 dk Insane Gaming
09.03.2014, 19:30 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk
11.03.2014, 20:45 CET dk PowerRangers 0:1 dk MeetYourMakers
16.03.2014, 17:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers 0:1 dk Empire
17.03.2014, 19:30 CET dk Cleave VS dk MeetYourMakers
20.03.2014, 18:14 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Alliance

Another tournament we’re participating in is ASUS DreamLeague Season 1. We’ve already played our first game against dk Alliance and ended up losing after one-sided performance from Swedish Aegis-holder. There are still a lot of games, as the last ones will be played in the middle of May. Please note that ASUS matches are played in a best-of-1 format as well.

Star Series

04.03.2014, 20:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers 0:1 dk Alliance
05.03.2014, 18:45 CET  dk MeetYourMakers 0:1 dk Fnatic
05.03.2014, 20:00 CET dk Fnatic 1:0 dk MeetYourMakers
18.03.2014, 18:45 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Cloud9
19.03.2014, 18:45 CET dk ROX.KIS VS dk MeetYourMakers
19.03.2014, 21:15 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk
31.03.2014, 18:45 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Liquid
31.03.2014, 21:15 CET dk DOG VS dk MeetYourMakers
01.04.2014, 20:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Alliance
08.04.2014, 21:15 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Na`Vi
15.04.2014, 18:45 CET dk EG VS dk MeetYourMakers
16.04.2014, 20:00 CET dk VS dk MeetYourMakers
17.05.2014, 15:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Empire
18.05.2014, 16:15 CET dk VS dk MeetYourMakers

 Last but not least important is joinDota European League. We’ve already played 5 matches and we’re holding 5wins, 5loses record which places us at #4 spot and that guarantees road to the finals.

Star Series

26.01.2014, 20:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers 0:2 dk
07.02.2014, 19:00 CET dkMeetYourMakers 1:1 dk PowerRangers
26.02.2014, 19:00 CET dk 0:2 dkMeetYourMakers
16.02.2014, 16:00 CET dk hehe 1:1 dk
09.03.2014, 16:00 CET dk ROX.KIS 1:1 dk MeetYourMakers
02.03.2014, 16:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers 1:1 dk Empire
09.03.2014, 16:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers 1:1 dk Fnatic
16.03.2014, 16:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk Cloud9
23.03.2014, 16:00 CET dk MeetYourMakers VS dk

Please note that joinDota European League games are being played in a best-of-2 format and time of schedules matches is set to default, that means that games will probably be played in different time or they will be postponed. Make sure to check our social media as we will update hours of our upcoming matches !

  • James “Waffy” Totty

    That’s a lot of games. Good luck boys!

  • mki

    Great news, makes it easy to follow the team! Thanks Paweł!