SnEijDeR wins Go4FIFA Germany June Final

Jan “SnEijDeR” Zimmermann wins 100 EUR in the Go4FIFA June Final!


Posted on July 15th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

Our very own FIFA 14 player swe Jan “SnEijDeR” Zimmermann has won the Go4FIFA Germany June Monthly Final, also earning himself a cool 100 EUR! swe Jannik “Era” Huber also qualified for the monthly final event however was eliminated in the semi-final.

The Go4FIFA is a weekly competition run by the Electronic Sports League. At the end of every month, the very best players get together to compete for 100 EUR in the monthly final. This month, MeetYourMakers had two players out of the eight qualified. swe SnEijDeR and swe Era were placed at the opposite sides of the bracket meaning an all MYM final was a possibility. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as swe Era was eliminated in the semi-final. swe SnEijDeR however had a great run defeating all of his opponents to win the entire event.

We were able to catch up with swe SnEijDeR for his rundown of the event:

“After I saw yesterday the bracket of the Go4FIFA Cup, I thought it can be a MYM final. My teammate Jannik “Era” Huber got defeated in the semi final, however. In the first round, I defeated Suize without any big problems but in the second round it became a bit harder. I played against DZS and won in the first round, but lost 4:1 in the second. I knew I had to play much better than this. I needed to win the best of three to go to the final, and so I did with a 3:0 score. The final was against Lubo from Switzerland! I won the first round 5:3 and the second and final round, 5:2. I’m very happy to be counted as the monthly final winner and want to thank MYM and the whole team for the support!”