DotA2 defeats Insane Gaming in SLTV StarSeries


DotA 2

Posted on March 6th of 2014 by Sebastian Edfeldt

Tonight we played swe Insane Gaming in our first game of the SLTV StarSeries Season IX. The StarSeries takes place four times a year and consists of 16 teams fighting during the regular season in best of 1 games worth 3 points. The top 6 of the 16 teams will go to grand finals at LAN taking place at CyberArena, swe Kiev. On the other hand, the teams placing at 15th as well as 16th will drop to the ProSeries instead of StarSeries.

Current standings in the SLTV StarSeries Season IX:
Star Series

Tonight’s game started out as what one could easily be described as painful to watch for any swe MYM fan. After the first fifteen minutes swe Insane Gaming were ahead with 8 kills against 2 with an Invoker that seemed to be too much to handle at that point. The turning moment came quick however, once swe Jonathan “Unicorn” Arge and his Slardar got his hands on the Blink Dagger. Shortly after a very well farmed Weaver in the hands of sweMarcus “Ace” Hoelgaard purchased his Linken’s Sphere. Two core items as well as managing to take down the enemy Invoker and the momentum completely swung around. From that point on, sweMYM.DotA2 simply had control and won the game giving us a great start to the season.

This win in the first match will surely help boost our confidence for the long season ahead. At the moment swe Na’Vi is leading the table with 3 matches played and all 3 of them won. Second is swe Alliance with one less match played but also having defeated their opponents in all of their matches. swe MYM and swe Empire are tied for third having played 1 match a piece and coming out victorious in their season debuts. Hopefully the season will bring many more happy moments in the future!

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    Well done!

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    Good to see our team posting results!

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    Well written!

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    Goodluck Guys!