Red Bull Gaming Ground – The importance of young talent work

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Posted on August 9th of 2014 by MYM Jane

For the future especially in terms of quality in Sports youth education is playing an important role. This statement might fit to any sport but also in eSports?

According to Red Bull’s Gaming Ground starting next week we want to grab up this interesting topic and show why working with young talents is playing a key function in electronic sports.

In General

More and more huge eSportsclubs are picking up amateur teams and semi-professional stars to spread their wings, securing a potential new star and covering other interesting key areas and increasing the brand awareness. The best example in this case is SK-Gaming, who have added SK-Gaming Prime in League of Legends to secure a potential new spot in the biggest League of Legends tournament – the LCS.

Alexander Müller

Managing Director – SK GAMING

Statement – SK Gaming welcomes League Amateur Team:

“.. Our goal is to help this young lineup and establish those players to improve them on all levels possible. What we have seen so far was very exciting.. “


According to our research we can say that the lessons offered are really effective and most customers report being happy with them and would recommend them. The only drawback is mostly the price. The better the coach the higher the price. Other problems are of course the technical requirements and the hardware handling.

To sum it up. Huge clubs are building up on amateur players to spread their wings. These amateurs are important for the growth of eSports – they are the next generation and the future element. So it is really important to boost and discover the stars of tomorrow.

The gap between a professional and an amateur

Since the very first moment of eSports it was really hard to shine out of millions of gamers in most of the games. Being discovered as a new progamer and getting picked up by a professional team was a hard task. To make it big the onbly chance was to create your own team and grow from there.

This has changed over the last years thanks to various tools, such as public rankings. They show that you are a good individual player, but there is much more you need such as teamwork and communication. In order to get the previously mentioned attributes, players have access to various learning tools such as streaming and personal coaches. These tools can be the key to finally climb to the top of the mountain.

Learning from Streams and personal coaches

Today everyone knows the meaning and effectivity of online streaming. Live broadcasts dont just provide entertainment to those tuning in, streaming also offers spectators the chance to learn from some of the best. Many streamers have already realized the importance of this thanks to an increase in viewership . Effective streaming consists of many factors, and the aforementioned one is just one of them. One of the downsides of learning by watching live streams is that streamers attract a large number of viewers, and they cannot cover the individual learning needs of each viewer. For those who want a personalized learning experience there are various options already available such as team coaches, analysts or professional gamers who offer individual sessions for various prices.

Nick De Cesare

Coach in League of Legends


“When I was much younger, I remember always wanting to interact with progamers or higher level players, but it was almost impossible to do so. Ever since I have been in a position where I have been able to educate anyone from newcomers to pros I have wanted to help people out the way  I would have wanted when i was younger. In League of Legends I was a bit of a stranger from the western scene for the majority of my career, but in recent months I am extremely happy to be able to helping people en message. I am very grateful that I am able to turn my passion into a job, and I hope to be able to bring even more help to people in coming months.”


According to our research, these lessons are really effective and most customers are happy with them and would recommend them to others. The only big problem is mostly the price. The better the coach the higher the price. Other things are of course the technical requirements and the hardware handling.

To solve all these issues issues there is a solution… Red Bull Gaming Grounds, which is taking placing on 11th  till 17th of August in Cologne, Germany.

Why are events like Red Bull Gaming Grounds vital for eSports?

It shows eSports is a sport! Working with young talents is an essential part of sports. For those attending, there are many advantages, such as improving in their hobby and maybe someday becoming a proffessional player.

The participants aren’t just getting coached, they also get the unique chance to show their skills against the professional players, which in eSports is something that really rarely happens, except if you are already close to the skill level of a professional player and maybe meet them in a training session while playing your game. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, it is all about playing together, having fun and supporting and helping the participants in their hobby.

Furthermore the participants get the unique chance to measure how far apart they are from a professional.

Red Bull is inviting some of the finest eSports stars to Cologne, stars who we normally just get to follow in front of our monitors. At Red Bull Gaming Grounds the fun and entertainment is guaranteed. Many funny activities will take place during the event alongside gaming with the whole crew, all followed by a great BBQ. It isn’t all about gaming… It is more about working together and acting as a community with passion and the goal to finally establish eSports as Sport in Germany.