Red Bull Gaming Ground – Interview with Damir “Nestlik” Dedic

Red Bull Battle Grounds about to adopt eSports as Sports

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Posted on August 11th of 2014 by news

The Red Bull experience – Interview Damir “Nestlik” Dedic

We recently sat down with our very own DotA 2 Team Manager Damir “Nestlik” Dedic at the Redbull Gaming Ground in Cologne. Nestlik has been working with our Dota 2 team for some time now. We talked to him regarding the event  and of various other topics which are surely worth reading about.

First of all, we would like to know what you think about the location chosen for the event?
I was really delighted that I got invited to Cologne in order to participate at the Red Bull Gaming Ground. It is a pleasure for me to be part of a new eSports concept with sustainable values. This is not just a normal event for me, I am really happy to share the knowledge I have gained in the last couple of years and furthermore learning new things from the sporting experts Redbull has been inviting. It is a great opportunity to have an exchange of interests.

What do you think about the Red Bull Battle Ground in general?
The concept is a really well organized one. It offers so much more than just playing. It is all about fun for everyone. Red Bull is actually the only one offering a strategy which we can also find in real sports. Red Bull has recognized eSports as a new trend with huge traffic and values, which is awesome for eSports.

What are your future plans?
For the upcoming days I will try to entertain all the people who decide to attend the Red Bull event. It will also be great to visit GamesCom and to see all those persons I normaly just meet on the internet. My future plans are of course to continue working in eSports, because it is my biggest passion and hobby together!

What are your tasks as manager?
My typical day consists of various organizational taks, such as working out training schedules, observing matches, working out new strategies for the team and of course improving the communication. All these things are essential to help the team improve and grow together.

Why is DotA 2 the game you chose to be a Manager in?
Well.. DotA is the best game! haha. There is a simple reason. Firstly I think MOBA, the gaming genre, provides so many entertaining moments. It is a type of game with ups and downs which also affects the community. This also explains why there is such a huge community who loves to follow DotA.
There are other MOBA games too, such as League of Legends, but DotA has a huge history and existed before other MOBA games such as LoL. I grew up with this game.