Red Bull Gaming Ground – How to push your skills before a match!

Red Bull Gaming Ground has been inviting a specialist in sport analysis who shared useful tips to improve your gaming!

Posted on August 12th of 2014 by news

The Red Bull experience – How to push your skills before a match is starting!

Red Bull Gaming Ground isn’t just focusing on playing those days computer games and having some entertainment for all the visitors who join. Red Bull is offering a really impressive program for our Dota 2 Team about how to improve your cognitive functions in order to play better. Phillip Zimmer from the German Sporting School in Cologne has sharing his tests  and analysis in front of several teams and we would like to bring you that presentation closer. This small tips will help you to improve your performance and shows how important sport psychologists in eSports are!


“Our analysis will definitely help you to play better. This method is just not helping other athletes. It also helps gamers!” said Philip Zimmer

Why is sport on a regular basis and directly before a match the key to push your skills?

You activate and produce through sports lactate, which is directly causing several benefits you can use for your improvement of playing computer or console games. The lactacte is effecting your cognitive abilities.

The more intensive you do sports the better is the generated effect. If you do it on a regular basis you keep that standard.

What is being improved?

There are several functions that help you  to improve your abilities enormously through sport!

Attention, Memory, Perception, Anticipation, Inhibition and Learning

All this advantages are definitely required for our daily game play.

How can I generate the highest effect?

As the graphic shows: the more intensive you do the sport the better the effect is!

The Solution – Short-Time-Effect: 

1. 20 Minutes moderate to intense endurance exercise

2. Exercise session should be finished 15 minutes before competition

3. Choose that kind of exercise you prefer

The Solution – Long-Time-Effect:

1. To achieve a general basis and do sports on a regular basis and at least 3 times per week

2. Sessions shouldn’t be shorter than 30 minutes

3. Intensity should be moderate to intense