Playtime #2: Top Tips with Semijew

Top 10 Hearthstone tips by Anton “Semijew” Holm Klang!


Posted on July 16th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

We are continuing our Hearthstone series with some top tips from MeetYourMakers’ own swe¬†Anton “Semijew” Holm Klang! Here he goes over the top ten most important things to succeed at Hearthstone! The article below was completely written by swe¬†Semijew himself.

It’s no surprise that Hearthstone is a game with a lot of luck and rng involved, but people often blame their losses on these factors all to much. Realistically speaking, one player will not win a 50/50 moment more often than another, that’s why it’s called 50/50. In a specific tournament, a player can be crowned the champion due to luck and rng, but if you are unable to reach legend, the hard truth is that you simply aren’t good enough. That’s why I wanted to share some tips on how to improve at the game and hopefully push you over that 50% win rate needed to reach legend.

Tip #1 – Know your enemy
Even though it might seem like everyone is running the same decks, there are a variety of decks out there, especially on ladder. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly how the meta is looking and how all the decks are built. When you got this knowledge, it’s a lot easier to know how to play against it. There are numerous ways of obtaining this knowledge, the most efficient ones being to play a lot and watching streams.

Tip #2 – Test a bit of everything
If you have never played a deck, how are you supposed to know how to play against it? When you have grasped the understanding of a deck, it’s mechanics, play style, advantages and disadvantages, you will have a much easier time beating that same deck when you play against it.

Tip #3 – Don’t be distracted
Since Hearthstone is a turn based game, most players decides to do other things during their opponents turn. May it be watching a stream or browsing the internet, it will affect your win rate. You will think less of what to play, forget what cards have been played and worst of all, you don’t pay attention to your mistakes and will therefor never improve. Try putting on your headset and turn on some good music and stay in the game from start to end.

Tip #4 – Learn from your mistakes
As stated before, people all to often blame their losses on luck and rng and then move on to the next game thinking they are just as good as all the “pros”. Instead of doing this, you need to realise what you did wrong and make sure it won’t happen again. Try recording your games and take time to watch them while writing down what you could have done better. If you know a good player you can ask him/her to watch your games and give you notes.

Tip #5 – Take notes
You might have seen players writing in their notebooks in major events and no, they are not doodling, they are taking notes. By writing down what cards have been played from your opponent and yourself, you can consider your plays on another level and make plays you othervise wouldn’t.

Tip #6 – Surprise your enemy
Generally the player that take the #1 legend spot will be using a completely new deck. Proof to this is Backspace using his Aggro Rogue deck and Blazingglory, the true inventor of the old Control Hunter deck. When people have played against the same decks multiple times, they will start learning how to play against it. But when a new deck pops up, your opponent will start to make mistakes and that is when you will reach the highest win rate.

Tip #7 – Don’t rush
I’m not referring to rushing your opponent down, I’m talking about not rushing your decisions. At first glance, the wrong play might look like the correct one. I’m sure you have experienced the moment were you realise that you made a mistake just a second after the play is made. Just take that extra second to think over your play and you will drastically lower the mistakes you make.

Tip #8 – Always draw first
A lot of players play out their turn and realise that they have 2 mana left which they use to for example life tap. This is a mistake that can cost you the game and yet it’s so common. Before you do anything, make sure you know exactly what you will do this turn and see if it involves you drawing a card. If it does, draw that card first and see if you get any new options.

Tip #9 – Have patience
Are you one of those players that sit down, lose your two first games and then stop playing? It’s not strange, it’s never fun to lose and we play games to have fun. But just as in any sport, you need to warm up before being at you best level. If you play two hours straight instead of two hours spread out on small 20 minute periods, you will win more games.

Tip #10 – Have fun!
During my hours and hours of playing Hearthstone, the most important lesson I’ve learned is to have fun. When you have fun, you will focus more, take it more seriously and all together play better. Test new things, take breaks and play music you love, it will make the game substantially more fun to play.


  • Cody Green

    Excellent Article – This will most definitely improve my play! Very well written, clear and concise. It addresses those small little things that seem so obvious that we take them for granted.
    Thank you for this.