Playtime #1: Druid with Skip and Ignite

Skip and Ignite from MYM’s Hearthstone team go over how to play Druid in tournament play!


Posted on June 27th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis


The guides below were written by  swe Nuno “MYM.Ignite” Pinho from our Hearthstone team. Here he provides the deck lists as well as goes over how to play the match up and which cards combine well in competitive play!

Midrange Druid

The most recent ravishing take on Druid is a polished version of Thijs’ first build that brought him great success. This Druid version is considered the most well-rounded archetype in the current meta, and one of the best deck openers in a tournament setting. Its burst potential is like no other, the ultimate combo consists of a turn 10 FoN+Roar+Innervate+Roar for a whopping 22 damage! And even the classic FoN+Roar combo deals a minimum of 14 damage, both of which are increased by any minions you have on board. Opponents are always forced to play around their health total, and fight for tempo in the first 5 turns to be able control the Druid matchup. Wild Growth is the pinnacle of a smooth ramp process, allowing you to overwhelm opponents with larger creatures than their own, creating a game environment where you get your card value back and gain the initiative in the game, staying ahead on board presence, culminating in a lethal combo. Its only actual weakness is the Warlock class, as both the aggressive (aggro) and the control versions alike can crush Druid if you’re not able to draw the timely answers for their threats.

Mulliganning allows you to fish for Wild Growth and/or Innervate. Keeper of the Grove is the best card vs. Warlock in general, BGH is also a keeper vs. Handlock. Harrison is a keeper vs. Miracle, Black Knight is more of a late game card in this meta, as Handlocks don’t immediately taunt their minions, and the Druids are charging with their 5 drops rather than playing defensive most of the time. Yeti is also a great card to keep if you have Growth or Innervate to play him out early and gain control of the board.

P.S. This deck wrecks Warrior Control.

Deck list:

Token Druid

This is the more aggressive take on the concept. It doesn’t ramp with Growths, but has the ability to swarm the board with combinations involving Violet Teacher & Power of the Wild, throw an Innervate in there and you just developed a consistent 3 minion board on turn 4!

Mulliganning consists on developing early pressure, and you might be able to afford keeping Violet/Innervate/PotW combo if you’re going 2nd, depending on what the matchup is. Keeper is still the best card to keep vs Warlock, and BGH vs Handlock. Squires/Hoarders/Harvests/Swipes/Wraths are the best options for aggressive matchups.

Deck list: