PGA Fan Meeting – The aftermath

As many of you probably know, Poznan Game Arena 2013 took place some days ago, and we hosted a fan meeting. Check inside for a small aftermath of the event.


Posted on October 28th of 2013 by admin

As many of you probably know, Poznan Game Arena 2013 took place some days ago and our team was in attendance. The main goal for us this time was to connect with our Polish fans, who have supported us through good and bad times, which we are very grateful for. In order to show our appreciation for all of the support received, we decided we would host a fan event with the collaboration of our main partners, Cooler Master and CM Storm. Even though our players were available for fans throughout the whole weekend, our main event took place on Saturday 19th of October.

The event ran flawlessly, with our players and management, alongside our partners Cooler Master and CM Storm, giving away free MYM player shirts, gaming gear and other merchandising, as well as hosting 1v1´s and 2v2´s with the crowd and our players. As you will be able to see in the video and pictures posted below, the crowd couldn´t have been better, and everyone went away happy.

Video Recap




We are very glad that a lot of our fans decided to make the trip to Poznan, and we hope to repeat the experience in the near future. If you took a picture with our team, don’t forget to share it with us by sending it to

  • Javier Fernandez

    Was a great tournament, and awesome to see how many fans the guys have.