MYM goes toe-to-toe with Empire

MYM.Dota2 vs Team Empire 1:1

DotA 2

Posted on March 2nd of 2014 by Sebastian Edfeldt

In the fifth playday in the Europe Premier Division tonight dk MYM.Dota2 not only held the ground but really began showing what we are capable off.

We started the game by having a stable win in the first round against rus Team Empire followed by a very close second round that we lost after almost a full hour of the game just swinging back and forth.

So once again dk MYM.Dota2  is, despite going 1-1, showing their qualities and strength as a team. Our readers should note that rus Team Empire is one of the absolutely strongest teams in the European scene as of this moment.

With this game being a draw we are now 5-5 in the joinDOTA League and remain as one of the top 4, which will bring us to the finals if we stay there.