MYM.SnEijDeR wins EPS Germany

The 2013 EPS Germany Winter Season 2013 comes to an end as MYM.SnEijDeR is crowned.


Posted on December 15th of 2013 by admin


MYM.SnEijDeR has managed to beat dzs.m4rv in the finals to secure the EPS 2013 Winter season title.

Original Post:

Finally it´s time for the german EPS finals in FIFA14 which means that both our players, Benedikt ‘SaLz0r’ Saltzer and Jan ‘SnEijDeR’ Zimmermann will be in action today!

Several weeks of hard work have come down to this very day for our players. Many qualification cups had to be played and a playoff round was to be survived but finally, the way down the road will end today.

They´re both very confident about their form in recent time, so let´s hope one of them will be able to lift the trophy in the end!
The liveshow (that will be held in german only) will start at 10 CET. Feel free to tune in!

And here are the matches that will be played in Best-of-5 mode:

1. TaZz – M4RV
2. SaLz0r – SnEijDeR

And then of course the grand final with the winners of both matches, also in Bo5. Unfortunately, SaLz0r and SnEijDeR will have to face each other in the semifinals already but nevermind, they´ll stick together and support the winner of their match in the grand final.

The whole MYM FIFA Team will be there and cheer up for the guys, so last but not least a big thank you to all the partners of MYM who make this possible!



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