MYM defeats in joinDOTA League

MeetYourMakers defeated 2-0 in jD League tonight.

DotA 2

Posted on February 26th of 2014 by admin

swe MYM.Dota2 has played a best out of two match against swe online tonight in the joinDOTA League Premier Division and they finished the match with a 2-0 victory.

Following a rough start after losing 0-2 against swe, swe MYM took this match by storm and conquered the objectives without losing. The players stepped up their game and got a rather easy win, proving their value and strengths.

The game was a particularily important game for the swe MYM team because the win shot them into the top 4 standing teams at the moment, continuing their winning streak. The bottom placed team will fall to division 2 while the next two lowest teams will play in Division 1/2 playoffs.

Even though the fresh team seems to have found its motivation, a lot of good games are coming, when  swe MYM will meet  swe Team Empire, swe Fnatic and swe Cloud 9, so stay tuned.