MYM.LoL drops out of EPS Poland Finals

The team will be dropping out of the ESL Pro Series Poland Finals in order to dedicate their full attention to their EU LCS Promotion match bootcamp.


Posted on November 26th of 2013 by admin

Today MeetYourMakers is sad to announce that its League of Legends team will be dropping out of the ESL Pro Series Poland offline finals to be played sometime in the near future, this due to the fact that the team desires to dedicate their full time to practicing for the upcoming European LCS promotion match to be played on December 13th. For that purpose, the team will be making the trip to Prague, Czech  Republic in order to bootcamp at “District Prague”, which ensures perfect conditions to practice for what can be considered as one of the most important matches of their careers.

A picture of one fo the areas at District Prague, where the team will be bootcamping.

We regret having to take this decision as we have great respect for the organizers behind ESL Pro Series Poland, and we know that our decision, even though not intentionally, harms their plans for the event. Nonetheless, we would like to wish them the very best for their event, and we are sure they will manage to put up a great show for all the Polish fans despite our unexpected absence.

Stay tuned to as we will keep you updated regarding our team´s performance at World Cyber Games 2013, which is set to kick-off on Thursday the 28th. Additionally, we will also bring you any other news surrounding our League of Legends team during their bootcamp period.