MYM.DotA2 tie ROX.KIS in jD League

MeetYourMakers drop out of TOP4 in joinDota Europe League after match against ROX.KIS.

DotA 2

Posted on March 10th of 2014 by PaweĊ‚ Wysocki

Yesterday, dk MeetYourMakers faced dk ROX.KIS – a Russian, solid team as our 6th match of joinDota Europe League. Before the clash, we were holding 5 wins, 5 loses record that guaranteed us a spot in TOP4. Things changed after our game against dk ROX.KIS that we managed to tie with a 1:1 score.

First game we drafted Enchantress, Death Prophet and Furion – a line-up that allowed us to push towers of our enemies fast and efficiently. Add Slardar and Visage for that draft and you have a recipe for a solid strategy. We took a victory in first set and were placed in a comfortable situation of win-or-tie.

Second draft was totally a different one, as we managed to pick Invoker for the mid-lane, Enigma as a jungler and Nature’s Prophet offlane. All heroes combined are able to produce some sweet “wombo-combo” plays when co-ordinated perfectly and gives opportunity to split push. Drow ranger – which is rather rarely seen in top level games – was picked as our carry, as she’s able to inflict a lot of damage but lacks mobility and an escape mechanism. Unfortunately we weren’t able to seal the victory in second set and had to share the points with dk ROX.KIS.

Star Series

After our 1:1 tie against dk ROX.KIS we dropped down to 5th position, so if joinDota Europe League was to finish after our last match, we wouldn’t be able to make it to the finals as only four teams will advance into next stage. Despite tie, we will do and play our best in upcoming matches to secure our spot in TOP4.