MYM.Dota2 undefeated in Excellent Moscow Cup

MYM go 5-0 after tonight’s games

DotA 2

Posted on April 7th of 2014 by admin

swe MeetYourDongers has played two more games in Excellent Moscow Cup tonight and remain undefeated this tournament.

Excellent Moscow Cup consists of best out of one rounds of games, where the top 4 teams advance to the finals where the East European teams will get a shot at the $20,000 prize pool.

The team first faced swe VirtusPro where our swe Christoffer “Ryze” Winther played his great Naga Siren on midlane,  farming 400 creeps in 30 minutes like he has been recently and earning MVP of the game again. The team was strong and countered the greedy draft  of swe VirtusPro, that went Visage and Anti Mage dual lane and Axe for jungle, picking up another win.

Second game tonight was against swe Aware where the classic Mirana and Bane offlane faced a mass of Blink Daggers while the team focused on keeping a safelane farm for Drow Ranger. swe MYM grouped up and prioritized their objectives, adding another win in the pocket.

The team is 5-0 at the moment and one step closer to the LAN playoffs from May in Moscow.