MYM.DotA2 takes another victory in StarSeries IX !

Our team played their second game in StarSeries Season IX yesterday and remained undefeated.

DotA 2

Posted on March 12th of 2014 by Paweł Wysocki

dk MeetYourMakers faced dk PowerRangers yesterday in our second match in StarSeries Season IX. After our last game against Insane Gaming we were holding 1 win, 0 loss record, as we managed to execute effectively our strategy in a game against russian team. We knew we could have a tough ride against dk PowerRangers as they’re known as “powerhouse-slayers” for being able to compete and outplay any top team if they’re playing their A-game.

PR’s draft looked pretty solid and scary at the first glance, as they managed to pick Lifestealer as their carry, Invoker for the mid lane and Bane/Silencer for utility and crowd control. dk MeetYourMakers drafted Nyx as our mid, Visage/Abaddon for a defensive setup and Weaver for dk Ace – especially the last pick was pretty good as Weaver in Ace’s hands was pretty demolishing everything around in our last games. Whole game, dk MeetYourMakers were able to control the tempo and flow of the game and we ended up winning after an entertaining game.

This win means, that we’re currently holding 2 wins, 0 loss record in StarSeries IX and so far, we remain being undefeated. Hope that our next games will bring joy and another wins ! Stay tuned as next challenges will approach pretty soon !

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