MYM.DotA2 loses to Team Empire

The DotA2 team was unable to win against Team Empire in tonight’s StarSeries IX match

Posted on March 16th of 2014 by admin

swe MeetYourMakers faced swe Team Empire tonight in another game of the SLTV StarSeries IX but was unable to pick up another win and points for them. That leaves them at the moment with 2 wins and 2 losses.

The game started well, as swe  Metehan´Exist´Aksüt drew first blood on midlane with his Invoker early in the game, but the fight ended up in a 2 for 1 for swe Team Empire, as swe Hampus ´Mini´ Olsson  rotated to mid and they both died. It was a fair match, any team could have won at any point, but our team was did not manage to pull all their strenght and break the winning streak on swe Team Empire who is currently placed first and haven’t lost any game.

This is how the ladder currently looks like:

Hopefully, the team will get back on track and more focused then ever in their upcoming games and earn the points they really deserve!