MYM.DotA2 in NPL

MeetYourMakers advance into the Netolic Pro League Lower Bracket Final!

DotA 2

Posted on February 20th of 2014 by Paweł Wysocki

Netolic Pro League is a well known and respected host of European tournaments and  is currently hosting its 5th edition including 16 teams* battling it out for the total prize pool of 4,500$!

dk MeetYourMakers has a tough road as there are a few powerhouses ready to put their hands on the main prize, such as ru Virtus.Proeuropeanunion Fnatic or ru RoX.KIS to name a few. Our team managed to win the 1st round of Winer Bracket against dk Revenge with a convincing 2:0 score.

dk MeetYourMakers faced off ru Virtus.Pro 2 days ago in the semi-final of the winner’s bracket and failed to advance, losing 0:2 in a best of 3 series against the Russians and dropped down into the 2nd round of the lower bracket to face europeanunion Fnatic in a best of 1 to determine, which team will advance into the lower bracket final.

Tonight MYM.DotA2 played against europeanunion Fnatic and managed to pull a win in a very close bo1 match. This means swe MYM advanced to the lower bracket final and will face either dk Revengeus SAD or ru RoX.KIS as our LB Final opponent is yet unknown.

For those who missed the news about MYM acquiring new DotA2 team, our lineup consists of :

 swe Jonathan “Unicorn” Arge – Carry
swe Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen – Support
swe Hampus “Mini” Olsson – 2nd Support
swe Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard – Off Lane
 swe Metehan “Exist” Aksüt – Mid Lane

* 8 teams invited – including MYM.DotA2 and 8 teams advancing from qualifiers

  • mki

    Great news, I heard Fnatic is a great team – massive win!

  • DevilSymphony

    steady as she goes