MYM.Dota2 in Fragbite Masters 2014 Spring

MeetYourMakers’ perfomance in tonight’s Fragbite Masters Group A

DotA 2

Posted on April 3rd of 2014 by admin

Fragbite Masters 2014 Spring edition started tonight  with matches from Group A, which consists of swe MYM, swe Fnatic, sweTeam Liquid and  swe 4 Friends + Chrillee.

12 teams will fight for the $30,000 prize pool starting April 3rd. The format of the tournament consists of 3 groups of 4 teams each. Top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, the rest of them will face 2 qualifying teams in the consolidation stage for two more spots in the playoffs in best out of 1 rounds.

swe MeetYourMakers has faced swe Team Liquid in their first game tonight, achieving a strong first victory. The team played with swe Ionut “Arise” Turtoi as a substitute for swe Sylvester “Link” Hoelgaard. Second game of the night was against swe Fnatic, where  swe “w33ha” was a substitute, but they were not able to grab another win, due to the counter tactic that was applied to them, shutting down Naga Siren. The matches put swe MYM in the consolidation stage where they will play tomorrow to advance in the competition.

Tune in tomorrow on the official stream and support your favorite team in their next game!