MYM.DotA2 hits another tie in joinDota League !

A best-of-two game that was played yesterday against Fnatic for joinDota League ended up with a 1:1.

DotA 2

Posted on March 17th of 2014 by Paweł Wysocki

Our game against dk Fnatic was our 8th match in joinDota League. We were holding 6 wins, 6 loses record, sitting on 5th position. Yesterdays match was very important for us, as only TOP4 teams are advancing into finals and a win would make us closer.

First game was a really entertaining game. We managed to draft Invoker as a midlaner, the International II most famous carry – Morpling, Batrider as offlaner and Sandking/Rubick as supports. The game was fully packed with back and forth action, clutch ultimates and filled up with individual plays. After almost 1 hour long game we ended up winning 1st game !

Second game was a different draft. Once more our team decided for push lineup with Natures Prophet, jungling Chen and the Drow Ranger/Vengeful Spirit combo. As the early game was going our way and we did push towers early on, we couldn’t break enemies team composition that consisted of Enigma, Naga Siren, DarkSeer, Disruptor and DoomBringer.

dk MeetYourMakers ended up with another 1:1 tie, this time against dk Fnatic and we’ve dropped into 6th place in Premier Division making it for us almost impossible to advance to TOP4 and therefore into Grand Finals, as we have only 2 more matches scheduled.

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