MYM.DotA2 claims another victory in StarSeries IX !

Convincing third win in our fifth match of StarSeries IX.

DotA 2

Posted on March 18th of 2014 by PaweĊ‚ Wysocki

Yesterday dk MeetYourMakers faced the Russian team dk Cleave as our fifth match in StarSeries IX. We were holindg 2 wins, 2 loses record right before Monday’s game. After an excellent start in StarSeries we had (2 wins in two of our first games) we suffered twice to both dk and dk Empire.

Our game from yesterday included a pretty solid lineup. Storm Spirit was picked as midlaner, Ancient Apparition and Sandking for supports, Batrider for offline and Morphling as our carry. Despite having small problems in early game and giving a small advantage to our opponents, we were able to farm efficiently and fight enemies in favorable positions consistently and therefore managed to reclaim lost advantage. After a decent amount of teamfights dk MeetYourMakers defeated dk Cleave and claimed another win in StarSeries.

Star Series

As You can see, we are currently sitting in the middle of the table with 3 wins, 2 loses but with a lot more of incoming matches, dk MeetYourMakers has high chances to hit TOP5 by the end of the season and will do everything to do so. Stay tuned !

  • Jerry August

    i know u guys having a lot of trouble in communication, your line up are pretty good actually, even Team Empire almost lose their control. But so far you have a good and synergistic move. Keep fighting guys, win this match and get into TBD SLTV. GO MYM.dota2 !