MYM.DotA2 against and RoX.KIS.

Our wednesday’s games didn’t go well as we’ve managed to lose both games.

DotA 2

Posted on March 21st of 2014 by PaweĊ‚ Wysocki

Two days ago we had a pleasure to play our 5th and 6th game of ASUS DreamLeague Season 1 against dk and dk RoX.KIS in a best-of-1 series. Our situation before those matches wasn’t comfortable as we were sitting at the bottom of the table with a 0 wins, 4 loses record – after a bad start and some really unfortunate games.

Our first game against dk RoX.KIS was looking really promising. We drafted a solid lineup, having Puck as midlaner, Visage as support, jungling Enchantress and Morphling as our carry. We had a really beastly early game as we’ve managed to obtain a huge advantage against the russians, taking kills left and right. Everything was going smoothly once the mid-late game kicked in and minute by minute we’ve threw away the huge advantage we had.

Second game, this time against dk didn’t went our way as well. Invoker for midlane, offlane Batrider, Crystal Maiden + Dazzle as supports and Naga Siren as carry were our picks. Opposite to dk RoX.KIS match, early stage of the game was lead by Frenchies as we’ve managed to give kills in all our lanes. We were struggling and somehow managed to survive to the late game were the real power of Naga Siren kicked in. Despite having a huge farm and 6-slotted Naga, we weren’t able to make a comeback.

Unfortunately, we failed to improve our score in ASUS DreamLeague Season 1 after losing to both dk RoX.KIS and dk and our situation looks very poor as we’re holind 0 wins, 6 loses record.

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