MYM.CSGO qualified for Fragbite Masters

Our team will be one of the 32 teams to participate in the Fragbite Masters tournament with a prize pool of $21,600.


Posted on November 15th of 2013 by admin

Our recently announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive team has managed to qualify for the upcoming group stage phase of the Fragbite Masters tournament. The team managed to make their way through qualifier #2, and now waits for the group stage phase to be kick-off.

Fragbite Masters is a tournament organized by the Swedish Electornic Sports coverage website, in cooperation with Com Hem, PokerStars, McDonalds and Qpad. Apart from featuring CS:GO, the tournament also hosts competitions for SC2 and DotA 2. The total prize pool for CS:GO has been set at $21,600, out of the grand total of $77,000 for the 3 games.

Prize Distribution

1. 70,000 SEK (~$10,800)

2. 30,000 SEK (~$4,600)

3. 15,000 SEK (~$2,300)

4. 8,000 SEK (~$1,200)

5-8. 4,250 SEK (~$650)

Direct Invites NiP LGB SK-Gaming n!faculty Na`Vi ENCE ESC CPH Wolves Universal Soldiers ALTERNATE Mousesports k1ck Clan Mystik VeryGames Astana Dragons fnatic

Qualified Teams WE GOT GAME ReasoN Agent kissiminttu Wizards Club MYM aera Panters TC vENdetta Team USSR Mediokert E-Frag Shaney EnRo GRIFFINS WiLD.CM Storm

The schedule:

Stay tuned to as we will keep you updated regarding the group stage phase of this tournament when it kicks-off.

  • somebody

    just waiting for an US vs MYM challenge :D

  • Michael Stücher

    perfect ;)