MYM.CS:GO in groups of GSL Cup

Meet Your Makers unable to qualify to playoffs in the GSL Egamingbets Cup


Posted on March 5th of 2014 by admin

swe MYM.CS:GO faced swe NiP, swe H2k and swe k1ck in Group A of the GSL Egamingbets Cup. Egamingbets and Game Show studios organised the tournament with a $2,000 prize pool for the top three teams. The cup is held from the 5th to 7th of March, in two days of online group qualifiers and playoffs on Friday.

Tonight, swe MYM first faced swe NiP on the de_nuke map, but the match ended 16:7 in favour of the swedish players. The game was follow by another unfortunate loss against swe H2k, where the team lost 10:16 on the de_inferno map. The last match of the group was against the spanish swe k1ck, and it ended up as tie 15:15 on de_inferno. The group stage was a round robin and swe NiP and swe k1ck qualified for the playoffs.

¬†This is the braket at the end of group stage according to HLTV. You can check their website for more coverage on the upcoming matches of Group B and playoffs and swe MYM‘s game in Starseries IX tomorrow night where you can support your favorite team as they go head to head with¬†swe Na’Vi.