MYM.BF4 take 2nd place at Alienware Domination Open Cup

The team takes home £300 after losing to Eyeballers in the Grand Final.


Posted on November 20th of 2013 by admin

The Team Dignitas Alienware BF4 Domination Open Cup took place this past weekend and we are happy to inform you that the MeetYourMakers BF4 team managed to place 2nd in the tournament, after only losing to well-known Swedish side Eyeballers in the Gran Final. The podium for the tournament was completed by Fnatic, who managed to overcome French side aAa in the 3rd place decider. Full brackets can be found in this link.

Final Standings

1st Eyeballers  –  £600
2nd MYM  –  £300
3rd. Fnatic  –  £100

MYM Results

Round 2: MYM 194 – 0 Team NAM

Round 3: MYM 240 – 0 Team Artificial

1/4 Finals: MYM 161 – 0 Exaequo.Poland

Semifinals: MYM 50 – 0 Fnatic

Finals: MYM 17 – 78 Eyeballers