MYM.BF4 advances to EMS One group stages

Our BF4 team has advanced with the sixth seed.


Posted on January 30th of 2014 by Trush

MYM.BF4 places fifth in EMS One Cup #4

The fourth and final EMS One Cup was played today, and once again we find ourselves beaten by the strong side of swe Epsilon eSports in the quarter finals. This results leaves us with the sixth seed for the group stage.

Once again the swe Meet Your Makers Battlefield 4 team had a BYE in the first round due to their ranking in the overall season. In the second round the team was matched up against swe n!faculty from the premier division. We managed to win this match-up to advance to the quarter finals  to face swe Epsilon eSports, who has performed extremely well so far this season. They managed to beat our team this time around, just like in the second cup. swe Epsilon eSports‘ joy would not last as they were beaten by swe Team uMAV who went on to face swe Fnatic in the final, where swe Fnatic won. swe Team uMAV is this season’s biggest surprise as they have placed second in three of the four EMS One Cups.

As usual  swe Markus “Flaxe” Sterner was kind enough to provide a statement following the final cup. He also went on to talk about the event in general:

“We’re not very proud of our overall performance in this season’s cups. We aimed for a top four placement in the rankings in order to get a good seed going into the group stages, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to do that. Even though we didn’t get top four, we were lucky and we got placed in the easiest group according to us. So we’re not very sad about our sixth seed, since we would’ve been placed in a more difficult group if we had the fifth seed. We have started to train more and came up with new tactics that we hope will be successful in the group stages. All we can do now is to keep up and make sure to play well on the 5th of February in order to get a top two ranking in the group.”

These results means that the top 16 teams will advance to an online group stage, which will be played on Monday the 3rd through Thursday the 6th. Meet Your Makers finish at a strong 6th place meaning we have the number 6 seed for the group stage. We have been drawn into Group C and will face swe Team uMAV, swe n!faculty and swe CPLAY TteSports.

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