MYM.BF4 places second in EMS One Cup #1

MYM has placed second in the first ever EMS One Cup and is in great position going forward.


Posted on January 9th of 2014 by Trush

MYM.BF4 places second in the first EMS One cup

During the 7th and 8th of January, swe MeetYourMakers competed in the first of four seasonal cups this winter and reached the finals. The matches were played in a BO3 mode.

The journey

To get to the finals they had to beat swe ExAequo, swe Against All Authority and swe Team Dignitas. They managed quite easily to win all of these games in a clean sweep. To earn a spot in the final, swe Fnatic played swe Gamers Connexion for the remaining spot, where Fnatic won. Unfortunately, MYM lost against Fnatic (0-2) in the final. Placing second in this tournament means that the MYM.BF4 team has 75 points in this seasons rankings after the first EMS One Cup. This gives MeetYourMakers a great start to the 2014 season.

We asked  swe Markus “Flaxe” Sterner  from our BF4 team to provide some insight about the tournament:

“We feel pretty good ending up in second place in the first EMS One Cup. There are many skilled teams out there fighting for the first place, and we think making it to the final is still something we should be proud of. Of course, it’s always funner to win a final and take the first place but we don’t bother too much about it. As long as we’re able to secure a spot in the EMS One Group Stages and later on the Finals, we’re happy. We will do all we can do win the live event finals though!”

The second cup of the regular season kicks off at 19:00 CET, January 14. Follow all of the action on ESL’s websites and Twitch. We will make sure that you will get all of the information, here at and our relevant social media.


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