MYM.BF4 places ninth in EMS One Cup #3

Our BF4 team was shocked to be eliminated by ESC Gaming.


Posted on January 22nd of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

MYM.BF4 places ninth in EMS One Cup #3

Today the third EMS One Cup ended with swe MYM finishing in a disappointing ninth place. Although only the best teams compete in the EMS One our team has grown accustomed to finishing on the podium and couldn’t be all to pleased with the result. The finish puts them at 6th place in the overall ranking with one cup left.

Early exit:

swe Meet Your Makers had a BYE in the first round thanks to their third place standing in the overall season rankings. In the second round the team was matched up against swe ESC Gaming in a match that would prove to be their last. No one could predict such an early finish in the cup and the players themselves were shocked after the match. swe ESC Gaming played a good game which on our off day proved deadly in the tournament. swe ESC would go on to place 3rd/4th in EMS One Cup #3. This cup was full of surprises as swe Epsilon eSports also saw an early exit at the hands of swe aAa. The French side eventually eliminated swe ESC to earn a spot in the finals against swe Team uMAVswe aAa also ended up winning the tournament against swe Team uMAV shocking perhaps everyone that took part in the tournament.
EMS One Cup #4 will be come up next week and this will be the final cup in the EMS One Cup series. The top 16 teams will go on to an online group stage which will determine which 8 teams will go to the final. The top four teams will be able to avoid each other in the group stages which is why it is very important to finish the EMS One Cups with a top four ranking. With this finish, swe Meet Your Makers is at 6th place in the overall season rankings.

We asked  swe Markus “Flaxe” Sterner  from our BF4 team for a quick statement:

“It’s hard to put in words exactly what happened against ESC. Before we knew it the ticket just ran away. We’ve been playing pretty bad lately and I think yesterday we just had our worst day so far. We have been playing constantly for several weeks now, both cups and PCWs, and I think it have made us really tired and it seem to have a negative impact on our performance. We will definitely try to come back next week and prove that we are strong contenders for the EMS One championship.”

It should be noted that one qualifier remains in this tournament where the fourth and final cup will take place the 27th-28th January. This final cup also will count towards the overall season rankings. We will make sure that you will get all of the information, here at and our relevant social media.
  • mYm-Flaxe

    Nicely written mki. This cup did for sure not go as people expected :P We will really try to do our best in the next cup in order to get a top 4 placement in the rankings.