MYM.BF4 places fifth in EMS One Cup #2

MYM placed fifth in the second cup of the EMS One Series, losing against Epsilon eSports 0-2.


Posted on January 14th of 2014 by KAUS

MYM.BF4 places fifth in EMS One Cup #2

On January 14th the second of four cups began for swe Meet Your Makers in the Battlefield 4 EMS One series. The top BF4 teams from our Europe met in the world’s top competition. All matches were played in a best of three mode.

Journey short-lived:

 Meet Your Makers started this cup with a free win in the first round thanks to their second place seeding from the first cup. Their opponent was determined by the match between  ESC ICY BOX and  TEAM PyRoGEN in the round of 16 where the German team won and advanced to face our team.

Our team took the game seriously and managed to win without any problems over  ESC ICY BOX with a score of 2-0 and secured a spot in quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals they faced  Epsilon eSports with a spot in the semi-finals at stakes. Our team kne this will be a hard game but unfortunately we were defeated 2-0 . You can watch the VODs here MeetYourMakers.BF4 ended up in fifth place after this second cup. The team earned 25 more points setting it’s total at 100 points over the two cups. This puts our team at 3rd place halfway through the season.

We asked  swe Markus “Flaxe” Sterner  from our BF4 team to provide some insight about the tournament:

“We don’t feel as proud about the 5th place as we did about the 2nd place last week, but what matters is the team we lost against. We were unlucky with the brackets this week and had to play against Epsilon in the quarter finals. We’ve had problems beating them for a long time now even though we manage to win against other teams that almost win against Epsilon. We’ll have to make some changes and improvements in order to win next time.”

It should be noted that two qualifiers remain in this tournament where the third and fourth cup will be the 20th-21th January and 27th-28th January respectively. Each of the cups will give points to the teams to determine the group stage of the competition where the top eight teams will qualify for the LAN finals. We will make sure that you will get all of the information, here at and our relevant social media.

  • mki

    Nice try guys! No shame in losing to the winners :)

  • myMYM.KAUS

    lets go guys :D:D more two cups :D you can do it!