MYM.BF4 invited to EMS One

Our team will be a permanent team during the EMS One season, where they will compete for a share of the €120,000 up for grabs.


Posted on November 17th of 2013 by admin

MeetYourMakers.BF4 has been announced as the 2nd “Core Team” for the upcoming EMS One tournament, after Team Dignitas was announced as the 1st team some days prior. Core Teams receive a direct seed into each of the 4 seasonal cups to be played throughout the duration of the EMS One season. Those who don’t get a direct invite will have to qualify through one of the competitions listed at the tournament´s site.

EMS One is a clear conjoint effort between ESL and EA Games to push the newest iteration of the Battlefield series to become an important title in the Electronic Sports scene. The event features a whopping €120,000 in prize money, which only further demonstrates the new focus EA Games wants to put in the Electronic Sports scene.

EMS ONE will take place in the lapse of 1 year, featuring a total of 4 seasonal cups throughout said year. Each of the seasonal cups will culminate in a live event finals featuring €30,000 in prize money. The competition is set to kick-off during December and matches will be played using the new 5on5 Domination mode introduced with this new iteration of the game.

Stay tuned to as we will keep you fully informed on everything EMS One related.