MYM.BF4 invited to Dreamhack AMD Sapphire BF4 Championship

Our Battlefield 4 team will be making the trip to Jonkoping in Sweden later this month.


Posted on November 14th of 2013 by admin

Just last week the organizers behind Dreamhack announced that they would be holding a Battlefield 4 tournament in cooperation with AMD, Sapphire, XMG, Astro and Fragnet Networks during their upcoming Winter event, to be held in Jonkoping, Sweden from the 28th of November through to the 30th. The tournament will feature 8 teams fighting for a share of the total prize pool of 100,000 SEK ($15,000).

Prize Distribution:

1- 50.000 SEK

2- 25.000 SEK

3-4- 12.500 SEK

3-4- 12.500 SEK

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm that the MYM.BF4 team has received a direct invite to the tournament, and will thus be present at the event. 5 more teams have also been directly invited into the tournament, while 2 more will qualify from the BYOC qualifier to be held on-site.

Invited Teams:

1- Old Team Acer

2- Team Western Digital

3- Team Dignitas

4- MYM

5- Eyeballes

6- Fnatic

The tournament will start with a group stage featuring 2 groups of 4, where the top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs. All of the matches until the final will be Bo3, while the final will be played as a Bo5.

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