MYM.BF4 in EMS One Finals

MeetYourMakers strikes 2-0 against Team uMAV, making their way to the finals in Cologne.


Posted on February 5th of 2014 by admin

Tonight, swe MeetYourMakers defeated 2-0 swe Team uMAV in a best of three match. This was not an ordinary victory, as it placed us in the first place of Group C and got us a spot as one of the 8 finalists of EMS One.

swe MeetYourMakers has done great in the group stage and defeated both  swe n!faculty and swe Team uMAV 2-0. The game could have easily been much more unpredictable because swe Team uMAV have been so strong during the cup phase and have placed better than us in the cup phase. The players proved once again to be great tacticians and dominated the maps advancing to the higher stage of the competition with skill and determination.

Up until now, the other known finalists are: Group A – swe Fnatic (first place in group) and swe Team Dignitas, Group B – swe Team PyRoGEN (first place in group) and swe ESC ICY BOX. Later today the second Group C finalist will be determined, followed by the last two finalists (from Group D) tomorrow night. The finals take place 1st and 2nd of March in Cologne, Germany at the ESL TV Studio.