MYM.BF4 EMS One Battlefield 4 Champions!

The team has been crowned the first ever EMS One Champions winning 10,000 EUR!


Posted on March 2nd of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

The swe MeetYourMakers Battlefield 4 team has been crowned the first ever ESL Major Series One Battlefield 4 Champions! The tournament featured all of Europe’s best teams including swe Fnatic, swe Dignitas, swe PyRo.LDLC and swe Team uMAV fighting in Cologne, Germany at the ESLTV Studio. Our team won the lion’s share of the prize pool 10,000 EUR!

From the very beginning everyone knew the tournament would not be easy as swe MeetYourMakers was drawn into the group of death in the form of Group B with swe Fnatic, swe Epsilon eSports and swe ESC ICY BOX. Our team really showed our dominance from the very beginning defeating swe ESC ICY BOX handily 2-0 in a quick match. The next match in our group however was not so simple and we fell to swe Fnatic 2-1, which was still a good result. In the lower bracket final of our group we went up against Epsilon eSports, a team that was seeded higher than us for the majority of the EMS One Winter 2013/2014 season. Our team showed that we were here to compete with the best and defeated swe Epsilon eSports 2-1 in a close match to advance to the playoff stage of the tournament!

The final bracket put together the two top teams from our group (group B) and the group that was played before ours, group A. Group A was won by swe Team uMAV while swe PyRo.LDLC took second. This meant that in the first semi-final we were matched up with swe Team uMAV who by some was considered the favorite in this match as they were also seeded higher than us coming into the LAN finals. swe MeetYourMakers did not dwell on this however and won the match with a 2-0 score moving on to the grand final of the first ever EMS One Battlefield 4 Finals. The second semi-final had a massive upset as well where swe Fnatic got crushed by swe PyRo.LDLC 2-0. The final stage was set to determine who would become the champion of EMS One Season Winter 2013/2014!

The final featured many close matches and many comebacks with swe MYM finally coming out on top after a lengthy best of five series! We took the final in a tight 3-2 match to claim the 10,00o EUR check and the title of the first ever EMS One Batllefield 4 Champions! Congratulations MeetYourMakers!