MeetYourMakers parts ways with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Loord and his teammates will no longer play under the MeetYourMakers name.


Posted on March 18th of 2014 by admin

The rumors have been floating around for quite some time now but only now are we ready to confirm that we are parting ways with our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

It is important to note that we have parted with the team on mutual terms and that there are no hard feelings towards each other.

As our fans will surely remember our team up until this point was represented by the Polish team lead by swe Mariusz “Loord” Cybulski. Under our banner the team was able to qualify for the SLTV StarSeries however failed to qualify for the biggest CS:GO tournament of the year going on at EMS One Katowice. Unfortunately we were not able to find common grounds for a new contract and have amicably cut the current contract to allow the team to look for a new organization. We would like to wish  swe Loord and co. the best of luck in the future.

Here is what MeetYourMakers PR Manager, Martin Krause had to say upon the team’s departure:

“Today we have a sad news for all our of our Counter-Strike: Global Offesnsive followers. We will part ways with our current CS:GO team. The main reasons are different point of views of the future and performances. Don’t get me wrong, the team played very well in tournaments and such, but the goals we had discussed before signing contracts were getting into IEM and Dreamhack. Sadly the team didn’t make it into one of them and we were forced to look for other opportinities. The team exists of great players regarding personality and skill and we wish them best of luck in the future. MYM will not stay away from the CS:GO Community, so you can be stay tuned for more news soon.


The manager of the team, swe Łukasz “PRAWUs” Ganczewski, had this to say:

“Today we would like to present some sad information, more precisely that the partnership between Dobry&Gaming and MeetYourMakers is over. After a few months representing under the MYM banner there were a few misunderstandings regarding our stay in the organization. I would like to thank everyone involved for the partnership up to this point and the experience we gained as well as I would like to wish MYM much success in the future.”



  • FlameMan

    All Poles have gone from MYM. So sad.Good luck anyway, I hope you come back to CS and LoL top level someday because your history deserves it. #MYMFighting

  • driizz

    u will never find a better Polish Lineup then this! omfg. so fail -.-

  • Ballsack Bill

    That’s really too bad you guys rage quit. I think MyM was just afraid of the match against HR so they quickly disbanded right before the game started. Vote MyM #1 trolls for life! Such professionalism, much wow.