Interview with James “Waffy” Totty from MYM.BF4

We publish this exclusive interview with the member of our new Battlefield 4 team.


Posted on November 16th of 2013 by admin

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 We sat down with one of our new Battlefield 4 Players who gave us his first exclusive interview. James “Waffy” Totty speaks about the game itself, the development of BF4 as an Electronic Sports title or their victory over Dignitas in the first BF4 Cup hosted by ESL, amongst other things.

Please introduce yourself to the MYM community.

Hi my name is James Totty and I’m half British half Thai but I have lived in the UK for many years now. I’ve been playing all first person shooters since I was 14 years old, such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Quake series. Multiplayer First Person Shooters have been the only genre I’ve been passionate about on the computer. My first esports experience was with BF2142 back in 2005 where I played for a small team called Elite Sports Devils in small ladders. It was not until BF3 that I really became passionate about esports around two years ago. It was there I met my current team mates at MYM (previously known as 3bit Gaming) and where we built up our line-up over the past year.

How does it feel to now be in MeetYourMakers?

It is a great honour to be part of such a well known organisation. When we were back in 3bit we always thought about getting some sponsors to help support us to go to big LAN events but as the BF3 scene was quite a niche community and DICE & ESL being a bit secretive about what BF4 esports would be like we never thought in our dreams we would actually get signed by such a great and supportive organisation. We really look forward to carry the MYM tag to many competitions both offline and online!

You made the first big step in the BF4 scene, showing a great performance at the 1st ESL BF4 Domination Test Cup and winning it. How do you feel after that?

We brought in a lot of confidence from BF3 into this cup however there were many teams who had previously gone inactive at various times during BF3 who have now made a re-appearance for BF4 such as “Against All Authority”, “Team ROCK”, “PunchLine”, “Epsilon”, “Esuba.INTEL”, “EYEBALLERS”, “Ozone Giants”, “Team Empire”, “uMAV”, and “Western Digital”. As this was practically a new game with a new game mode, even though we had confidence we could go far, the top 3 positions were really up for grabs.

Beating dignitas in the final was really an important milestone for us and we really couldn’t be any happier than we are now. They had been one of the best teams in BF3 for a long time and this was a real test for us. Fortunately we played better on the day to ensure our victory and we hope to meet them again!

You showed great matches during the ESL cup. They were really nice to spectate. Unfortunately, the viewer count was quite low. What do you think Battlefield 4 needs in order to grow in eSports and maybe get more attention?

Unfortunately the competitive Battlefield scene kind of died out after BF2/BF2142 due to the fact that Battlefield no longer had esports support and functionality. DICE finally heard our cries to try and revive the esports scene on a mass scale and they really surprised us with BF4.

We now have spectator mode which I think is really amazing for a game such as Battlefield 4 when there is a lot going on the screen at the same time. I’m not going to lie. It does need some fine tuning but the game has only been out for one week so it wouldn’t be right to complain so much!

With the new EMS support and many teams coming back, the BF4 esports scene can finally try and grow again to its old glory days. However, we must be patient as nothing happens over night! It’s really up to the current teams and people involved in the scene to do the best they can to try and promote it.

Finally I think it’s really important that DICE use “Battlelog” to try and promote the scene. They have a fantastic tool available to easily promote the esports scene to pretty much everyone who plays Battlefield. With the BF4 DreamHack Winter Tournament announced, maybe DICE could post this on Battlelog as it would really help with the viewer counts and general support.

How do you plan to stay at the top of the BF4 scene after such a good showing on the first ESL Cup ?

It’s a really nice achievement for us to win the first ever BF4 ESL Cup but there are many other top teams out there who are fighting for that #1 position and will want to take us down. We have been really happy about it and gained some needed confidence but we can’t relax. We had some close games and we’ll be training hard to learn what mistakes we made and what will be the best ways to control the maps. The current domination game mode may seem a bit random in terms of the spawns, but we’re trying very hard and getting our brains together to try and figure out how we can control these spawns and the game flow to our advantage.

We will be training hard but at the same time as a team we will also try to live healthily. Some of us go to the gym or play sports regularly and hang out with friends outside of the game. We find that playing too much and not having something else to do actually makes us play worse! So it’s about finding that balance in life so we can perform at our best when its important.

When can we see you guys in action again?

Hopefully at the first GO4BF4 Cup on the 17th of November unless something comes up before then! This Cup already has 175 teams signed up which is amazing for the Battlefield scene as it’s still relatively small at the moment.

What are your goals for Battlefield 4?

Our major goal for Battlefield 4 at the moment is to have a good performance at DreamHack this year! It will be a really important opportunity for us to be there!

Other important goals are to have a good showing at the 1st BF4 EMS Season and to participate in the GO4BF4 Cups!

I really thank you for your time, do you want to add anything else?

Again from all of us in the BF4 Line up we just want to say thanks to the MYM Organisation for picking us up and giving us an amazing opportunity! Also thanks to Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam and Martin “Krausbaws” Krause for helping us have a really smooth and enjoyable transition into MYM. Shoutout also to our sponsor CM Storm, can´t wait to use their Hardware.

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