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MYM falls to eSuba in the ace match! Stay tuned for more matches.


Posted on July 15th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis




Date & Time (CET)Updates
Date & Time (CET)Updates
11.06.2014 @ 19:26MYM.BlazingGlory is live against Freck in the next match of the night!
11.06.2014 @ 19:42MYM.BlazingGlory is leading against Freck 1-0 after a very long game!
11.06.2014 @ 20:01In the second match MYM.BlazingGlory defeated Freck - MYM goes up 2-0 against MiA in the Best of Five!
11.06.2014 @ 21:27We have won the match 3-1 putting our overall record at 4-2 so far in the season. MYM is sitting at third place.
15.07.2014 @ 14:00We are currently going live against eSuba in the Gentlemen Cup. We are currently tied for a second and this match will definitely be a close one against another top European team!
15.07.2014 @ 15:00It is currently 1-1 and our newest team member, Rdu, is live against Alesh!
15.07.2014 @ 16:10Unfortunately we fell to eSuba 2-3 in the Gentlemen Cup! This drops our record to 4-5. Stay tuned to our coverage for our future matches in the TakeTV Gentlemen Cup.


MeetYourMakersOpponentFormat (Date)ScoreResult
MeetYourMakersOpponentFormat (Date)ScoreResult
MeetYourMakersDogeHouseBest of Five (Finished)3-2Win
MeetYourMakerseSubaBest of Five (Finished)1-3Loss
MeetYourMakerseErinessBest of Five (Finished)3-1Win
MeetYourMakersInnovationBest of Five (Finished)3-1Win
MeetYourMakersvVv GamingBest of Five (Finished)2-3Loss
MeetYourMakersMiABest of Five (Finished)3-1Win
MeetYourMakersPkD Tt eSportsBest of Five (Finished)1-3Loss
MeetYourMakersCloud 9Best of Five (Finished)0-4Loss
MeetYourMakerseSubaBest of Five (LIVE)

Round Robin Standings

PlacingTeam NameRecord
PlacingTeam NameRecord
1Planetkey Dynamics6-3
2Team vVv5-4
4Team MiA4-5
6Cloud 94-4


The TakeTV Gentlemen Cup is the premier Hearthstone team league in Europe. Six teams of the best teams in Europe were invited to participate in the tournament while two more teams qualified for the tournament to compete for a prize pool of 7,000 USD! MeetYourMakers was of course, invited to take part in the tournament alongside European power house teams such as: Team Dogehouse, vVv Gaming and eSuba. We will bring you coverage of all matches played by MeetYourMakers in this tournament!