ThijsNL to participate in European Hearthstone Finals in Stockholm

The European Hearthstone Qualifier Tournament in Stockholm with our very own MYM player ThijsNL. Get the latest infos about the event!


Posted on September 16th of 2014 by Falli

The European Hearthstone Qualifier Tournament is continuing to progress, as a massive field of 130 competitors has
been narrowed downto an extremely elite 16! On September 24th, 26th and 27th those 16 will compete to determine
which 4 players will head to BlizzCon to represent Europe and take their chance at winning a piece of the $250,000 up

The Road to BlizzCon is open! After five seasons of ranked ladder play, months of gaming at community-run contests
and qualifications 16 competitors hoping to represent Europe at BlizzCon 2014 will do battle for one of the four
available Hearthstone World Championship slots. Come to DreamHack Stockholm at the end of September to meet
some of the biggest stars of Hearthstone, and watch them compete to earn their shot at a share of the $250,000
prize pool up for grabs at BlizzCon!

The top 16 players from the qualifying stage will meet again when they compete live at the Monster Energy
DreamHack Studios on September 24, and ultimately at DreamHack Stockholm on September 26-27. These three days
will whittle down the competitors until only four champions are left standing. These four will be invited to
represent Europe at the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon from November 7-8 in Anaheim, California!

If you can’t make it to DreamHack Stockholm 2014, you can view all the matches from the European Hearthstone Finals
for free and in high definition on Twitch.

The European Hearthstone Europe Finals Competitor list