FIFA 14: EPS Spring Season 2014

Tune in to watch our players compete in the EPS Germany group stage at 19:00 CET!


Posted on April 13th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

Most recent and upcoming matches

 17/04/2014: 00:30: Unfortunately, our very own Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer lost 1-7 against Marvin “M4RV” Hintz in the lower bracket of Group A and has been eliminated from the tournament. MYM’s Jan “Sneijder” Zimmermann has qualified to the EPS Spring Season Finals.

Meanwhile, in Group B, Sascha “poldi10″ Schumacher is still waiting for the outcome from the second semifinal between Jannik “Era” Huber and Daren “DMF1995″ Framke.


16/04/2014: 23:30: Jannik “Era” Huber lost 4-6 against Sascha “poldi10″ Schumacher and will be facing Daren “DMF1995″ Framke for his next game.

16/04/2014: 22:30: Jan “Sneijder” Zimmermann wins 6-2 against Marvin “M4RV” Hintz and advances to the finals of Group A, securing first raking.

16/04/2014: 22:30: Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer won 6-0 a great match against  Luigi “KF mafiaplaya” Pinna and willl face Marvin “M4RV” Hintz again for a spot in the finals.

16/04/2014 @ 21:30: Jannik “Era” Huber secured a win against Daren “DMF1995″ Framke, finishing 6-5 and advancing into the next round, where he will face Sascha “poldi10″ Schumacher.

16/04/2014 @ 21:00: Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer was defeated by Marvin “M4RV” Hintz, finishing his game 5-6. He will face  Luigi “KF mafiaplaya'” Pinna in his next game.

16/04/2014 @ 21:00: Jan “Sneijder” Zimmermann will play his next game against

16/04/2014 @ 20:30: Jan ” Sneijder” Zimmermann wins 7-1 his against  Luigi “KF mafiaplaya” Pinna, advancing to the next round.

14/04/2014 @ 01:00: The German ESL Pro Series group stage will start on 16/04/2014. Be sure to follow the MeetYourMakers FIFA 14 players as they try to qualify for the finals!


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Group A Standings

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Group B Standings

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After a Spring Season full of cups where our FIFA 14 players were very active we have had three players qualify for the ESL Pro Series in Germany! Jan “SnEijDeR” Zimmermann, Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer and Jannik “Era” Huber have all qualified for the group stages. The group stages will have two group of four players each. Only two players from each group will qualify for the LAN finals which will be held in Cologne, Germany on May 2nd. SnEijDeR and SaLz0r were both drawn into Group A while Era has been drawn into Group B. Hopefully all three qualify for the LAN finals!