Double Dreamleague game against Fnatic

MYM vs Fnatic 0:1
Fnatic vs MYM 1:0

DotA 2

Posted on March 5th of 2014 by Sebastian Edfeldt

Tonight our boys in swe MYM faced swe Fnatic in two separate BO1 games. The reason of this is that both teams are in the Western Europe group and with the current setting of the tournament all teams face each other once, except for the ones in your own group whom you face twice.

With this setting every team will have 14 games in the regular season, and after that the top 6 will be going to Dreamhack Summer 2014 taking place in swe Jönköping. We have now played 3 of our 14 games, once vs sweAlliance and tonight we played both of our games against swe Fnatic

In the first of the two games swe MYM chose a very interesting draft that managed to put out a lot of early pressure on swe Fnatic. Unfortunalety they managed to stand against it just long enough for their Hand of Midases to really do their work and simply got too far ahead in the farm. Most of all swe Era and his Weaver simply destroyed everything. Despite ending in a loss, it was a really good game from our side that one really could think would’ve ended differently if we managed just a little stronger push just a little bit earlier.

The second game was pretty straightforward. swe Fnatic kept their momentum they built up by winning the first game and won every single lane hard. swe MYM did several valiant attempts to strike back, but to no use. The second game ended in a heavy loss for our boys.

Although we have not had the strongest start in the ASUS ROG Dreamleague we beat several of the teams we’re now fighting in the playoffs and have 11 out of 14 games still remaining to show that we do indeed deserve to be partaking.