DotA 2: joinDota League Season 2 Coverage

MeetYourMakers ties Power Rangers 1-1!

DotA 2

Posted on May 10th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis





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The second season of the joinDota League is underway. After playing in the first ever season of this competition, MeetYourMakers have earned a spot in Premier League again for season 2! This means we once again will face the top teams from around Europe in one of the top leagues in Europe. Since jD League is divided into three regions, we will not have to play teams from the Americas or Asia region. The competition boasts a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000 and is well organized as there are many divisions in each region. Of course the majority of the prize pool will go to the Premier Division which MeetYourMakers is a part of. Matches will take place online during the regular season as well as throughout the playoffs.