DotA 2: Fragbite Masters Spring 2014

We have lost to Monomaniac 0-1 and have been knocked out of Fragbite Masters.

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Posted on April 13th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

Most recent and upcoming matches

13/04/2014 @ 17:50: We have lost to Monomaniac 0-1 and have been knocked out of Fragbite Masters.


13/04/2014 @ 16:50: We are going live against Monomaniac! Stream:
13/04/2014 @ 10:00:
Don’t miss our match tonight! We play against Monomaniac at 17:00 CET!!! Stream: will be updated! If we win we will face at 18:00 CET.
12/04/2014 @ 20:45: MeetYourMakers falls to Team Liquid 0-2 pushing us into the consolation bracket. Our next match is against Monomaniac, April 13th at 17:00 CET.


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Group A Standings

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April is here, and the time has come for the Dota 2 tournament of Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem to kick off. Fragbite has invited twelve teams to fill out three groups, that will be played with two days dedicated to each group. The first day will always contain the first round, which is two best of one matches. These matches will be followed by either the group final or the loser’s match, depending on the participant’s match schedules in tournaments outside of Fragbite Masters. The second day will always conclude the group. The top two of every group will advance directly to the playoffs, while the two lower placed teams go to the consolidation stage. The consolidation stage will consist of eight teams; the six teams who failed to advance from the group stage, and two teams who qualify from a big single elimination qualifier tournament. The eight teams in the consolidation stage will fight in a single elimination bracket to claim the two last slots for the playoffs. The prize pool features 200,000 SEK!