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MYM denied Russian visas. We will not be able to travel to the final.

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Posted on May 15th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

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Unfortunately swe MeetYourMakers will not be able to attend the Excellent Moscow LAN due to visa issues. Our players were not able to obtain a visa after many unsuccessful application attempts. No reasons for the denial were given by the Russian consulate in Denmark.

Our players, MYM management and the Excellent Moscow Cup administration all have all been for the past few weeks trying to ensure that the MYM professional DotA 2 team will be able to get to and from Moscow, Russia with no problems. Obviously visas are a major part of any travel plan between the European Union and Russian Federation. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the Russian consulate in Denmark has denied multiple visa applications from our professional gamers. For this reason we will not be allowed into Russia this weekend, and what goes with this, we will be unable to compete.

MYM was looking forward to not only go to the LAN but provide coverage as well and we have taken this news with quite a bit of sadness. After dominating the regular season going undefeated in all of our matches, we were looking forward to travel to Moscow to solidify our position as the number one team in the tournament.

The manager bih Damir “NeStli3K” Dedic had the following to say:

“Due to reasons that are out of our control, we will not be able to participate in the Excellent Moscow LAN this weekend in Moscow, Russia. Our visas were denied although no reasons were given for why they were denied on multiple occasions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the EMC admins for their help in trying to get the visa situation sorted out as we have been in contact daily leading up to the final denial.”



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The Excellent Moscow Cup features 20,000 USD up for grabs between 11 teams. Most of the teams are CIS teams however MeetYourMakers will join them to compete for a spot at the LAN Finals which will be held in Forum Hall in Moscow, Russia from May 17 – May 18. Each team will play each other once during the regular season four seeding. The top four teams after the online portion will qualify for the LAN Finals. The prize pool is 700,000 Russian rubles which amounts to about 19,800 USD. It is yet to be announced how the prize will be distributed among the teams.