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MYM has defeated DuzaGaming 2-0! Next match to be announced.

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Posted on April 24th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

 Most recent and upcoming matches

03/05/2014 @ 20:00 CET: MeetYourMakers has defeated Team DuzaGaming 2-0. Next game of the European playoffs will be against the winner of Relax, you are doing fine versus hehe united.




03/05/2014 @ 18:00 CET: MeetYourMakers is going live against Team DuzaGaming for the European playoffs of ESL One Frankfurt. The games will be held in a Best of 3 format.
28/04/2014 @ 18:30 CET: MYM grabbed a terrific win against Monomaniac eSports in their tiebreaker match, assuring second place in Group A with 4 wins and 3 losses. The team will future play against the third placed team from group C in the playoffs. More updates yet to come!
28/04/2014 @ 16:20 CET:   In about 2 hours MeetYourMakers will be facing Monomaniac eSports in a crucial game for second place in the group stage qualifier for ESL One Frankfurt. The result of this game will determine the position of the team in the European Playoffs. The tiebreaker will be played in a best of 1 format .
26/04/2014 @ 17:30 CET: MeetYourMakers going 1-1 against Team Virtus.Pro and kicking them out of the tournament. Be sure to tune in on 28/04/2014 @ 18:30 CET to show your support as MeetYourMakers  will be facing Monomaniac eSports in a tie breaker for second place in the group stage qualifier for ESL One Frankfurt.
26/04/2014 @ 16:20 CET:  Lost first game against Team Virtus.Pro. Game two will start shortly.
26/04/2014 @ 15:30 CET:  We’re going live against Virtus.Pro (Bo2).
26/04/2014 @ 12:30 CET:   Last match of the group stage qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt starts in 3 hoursThe team is going to face Virtus.Pro in a best of 2.
24/04/2014 @ 19:35 CET: MeetYourMakers went 1-1 against Team Empire. Don’t forget to tune in for our last match of the group stage qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt on 26/04/2012 at 19:00 CET against Virtus.Pro.
24/04/2014 @ 18:45 CET: MeetYourMakers going 0-1 against Team Empire. Game 2 will be up shortly.
24/04/2014 @ 18:00 CET: MeetYourMakers is live against Team Empire.
24/04/2014 @ 17:40 CET: MeetYourMakers is going live against Team Empire in 20 minutes. Join us in our second game of the groupstage in the stream below.
24/04/2014 @ 15:00 CET: We will be playing Team Empire in our second match in the group stages of qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt.
21/04/2014 @ 21:30 CET: Unfortunately we have lost the second map. This means we have tied the Swedish team 1-1. Our next match will be against Team Empire on Thursday at 18:00 CET!
21/04/2014 @20:45 CET: We have defeated Monomaniac eSports on the first map! We are leading the best of two 1-0!
21/04/2014 @ 20:00 CET: MeetYourMakers is going live against Monomaniac eSports!


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Group A Standings

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On the 28th and 29th of June, thousands of fans from around the world will gather in a football stadium filled to watch the very best compete in one game – Dota 2. The Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, will be transformed into a haven for Dota 2 fans from all over the world. The eight best teams in the world will fight it out for a prize pool of US $150,000, set to be increased by community funding through an in-game compendium. The eight teams will be made up of two invited teams Alliance and Natus Vincere, The International 3 finalists, along with six more teams from all around the world. Three of these will be attending from Europe, two more from Asia and the last slot belonging to America. These six teams will have to make their way through very difficult qualifiers and defeat the best in the world to earn their position at ESL One Frankfurt.