CS:GO wins Polish EMS Qualifier #2

MYM 2 – 0 Alsen Team. MYM qualifies for Polish finals for EMS One Katowice qualifiers.


Posted on January 22nd of 2014 by admin

Update: swe Meet Your Makers has defeated swe Alsen Team in the final to win the entire Qualifier. This will give us a better seed in the final qualification on February 14th.

The swe Meet Your Makers team continues to thrive in the EMS One Polish Qualifier #2, defeating swe myANTHOLOGY to earn a spot in the EMS One Polish Qualifier finals from which they will earn a chance to compete with the best at EMS One Katowice.

The swe Meet Your Makers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team seems to be unstoppable these past few weeks. Tonight, they defeated swe myANTHOLOGY in the semi-final to earn a spot in the Polish Qualifier finals. The semi-final was a relatively quick match played in a best of three series. The final score was 2-0 in favour of swe MYM and it is yet to be seen who they will fight in the finals. Tonight, the opposing team chose de_inferno as a first map, but our players shut their hopes down by ending the first match 16-7. De_nuke, the second choice of map was ours, and as we are already familiar with, swe MYM conquered the other team with a 16-3 score, roaming the map like it’s their home land.

We asked swe Paweł “innocent” Mocek on his thoughts after qualifying for the Polish finals:

“We are finally in the final bracket of the IEM qualifiers for Poland. The match against MyANTH wasn’t very hard for us, just as we expected. Tomorrow we will play against ALSEN-Team to have a better seed in the championship bracket. This match is very important for us, since the loser of this game is going to play against AGAiN in the semi-final I guess. As always, we will play 100% focused and will do whatever it takes to win this match.”

The team worked hard for the wins and qualified into the finals of EMS, and are already getting ready to face the other semi-final winner tomorrow. This qualification into the finals has earned MYM a spot in the eight team Polish Finals where if they keep up the good work and strong focus and get ranked into the top two teams, they will shoot themselves right into the European Online Finals. After that, there’s just one step to getting into  EMS One Katowice: to be ranked in the top 6.

The opposing finalist is yet to be decided, we will keep you updated on the game through our social media!