CS:GO in ESEA Open Upper-Bracket Final

MYM CS:GO team is on a hot streak throughout the ESEA Open playoffs defeating almost extreme, 16-5.


Posted on January 20th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

CS:GO in ESEA Open Upper-Bracket Final

The swe Meet Your Makers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has been on a hot streak throughout the ESEA Open playoffs making it to the upper bracket final in convincing fashion. Their latest victory over swealmost extreme, 16-5 proves that.

A familiar story

As we wrote in the last news, the ESEA playoffs seem to be getting easier as we get deeper into the playoffs. Although this is counter-intuitive, it shows just how well our team has been playing as of late. After last week’s 16-6 victory over swe myXMG, swe MYM has showed no signs of slowing down quickly dismantling almost extreme 16-5 on de_nuke. Loord and co. opened up on the stronger Counter-Terrorist side and took full advantage of it. Although they lost the pistol round, they quickly came back to win the following eco round and take control of the match. The first half ended 12-3 in favor of swe MYM!

The second half was expected to be harder as now swe almost extreme had a chance to play on the defensive side. Our team didn’t worry about this however and made sure it would be a quick finish, only allowing their opponents 2 rounds to finish the match out at 16-5. This victory assured our team a spot in the upper-bracket final against swe LeetGamerZ.

We asked  swe Piotr “peet” Ćwikliński  from our CS:GO team to provide some insight about the match:

“Apart from losing the CT pistol round we had everything pretty much under control all game long. We are happy that our playstyle is getting more and more confident and effective. I hope we will keep improving to get our level to the very top before IEM Katowice.”

The final has to be scheduled with ESEA and our future opponent so stay tuned to our social media for updates on when this match will be played!