BF4 places 3/4 at ESL One Spring Cup #1

Fall to Epsilon 2-1 in the semi-finals. Fnatic goes on to win the event.


Posted on April 3rd of 2014 by Max Kieturakis

Our Battlefield 4 team has placed a respectable 3rd/4th at the first ESL One Cup of the new season.

The ESL One Spring Season is the continuation of the previous EMS One series. This season, the ESL decided to rebrand EMS One to ESL One. The general tournament story line has stayed however with there being four seasons during the year each having its own LAN final. swe MeetYourMakers is the defending champion after winning the winter edition in Cologne, Germany at the ESL Studios.

It could be said our team was considered the favorite going into the first cup of the new season as we are the defending champion. No one can however underestimate swe Fnatic and swe Epsilon who have always been powerhouses in the Battlefield 4 scene. This tournament would prove this point as the first and second place standings were taken by swe Fnatic and swe Epsilon respectively. Our team started out the event as expected, getting a BYE in the first round and facing swe noMERCY in the second round. Our team quickly took this match with a 2-0 scoreline. In the third round we were matched up against yet another Polish team, swe ExAequo. This match wasn’t as much of a cakewalk as the first one however we were also able to win this match 2-1 to get through to the semi-final.

The semi-final and final was scheduled to be played on day 2. Here we were matched up against Epsilon in the first match of the night. Unfortunately we lost to the team 2-1 in a tight semi-final. In the other semi-final, swe  Fnatic overcame swe PyRo.LDLC in what can be considered sweet revenge from the LAN finals last season when swe PyRo.LDLC knocked swe Fnatic out of the tournament! Either way, the top 4 teams from last seasons finals ended up top 4 in this tournament, just in a slightly altered order.

As a result swe MeetYourMakers received 50 points for this season so far. There are three more cups to go to earn more points. The 8 teams with the most points at the end of the season will take part in the LAN finals at the end of the season in Cologne, Germany.