BF4: ESL One Spring Season

MYM finishes 3rd/4th in the ESL One Battlefield 4 Spring Season!


Posted on May 24th of 2014 by Max Kieturakis





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Group Stages Standings (Group C)

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Spring Season overall standings

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The ESL One is ESL’s premier gaming competition for the best Battlefied 4 teams from Europe. Teams get to compete with each other on an almost weekly basis. Until the end of 2014 it features an overall prize fund of 120,000€, split over four seasons. In the first stage, established champions get matched with up-and-coming challengers who proved their skill in the A-Series – the perfect opportunity to build up a reputation. This way, not only a limited amount of renowned teams is able to take part in the ESL One, but everyone who has what it takes to put up a fight against the best of the best. This openness is an important pillar when it comes to being recognized as a legitimate championship. Each season is topped off by live event finals where the top eight teams meet to determine the new European Champion.