MeetYourMakers defeated by Team Alternate in EMS One Qualifier.

MeetYourMakers defeated by Team Alternate 1-2 in EMS One Katowice European Finals tonight.


Posted on February 27th of 2014 by Diawo

swe MYM.CS:GO played their last best of three in the swe EMS One Katowice European Finals against
swe Team Alternate. Tonights match proved to be an entertaining affair, where all three maps were played.

First map was Inferno, where the team proved to be too strong for swe Team Alternate. The match got delayed a long time due to DDoS on the server with the score 10-5 in swe MYMs favor.
When the server problems got fixed the team continued their strong performance and won the map 16-8.

Second map was Mirage, where swe MYM never really got going and lost 8-16.

Third map was Train, swe MYM started as CT, at the score 10-3 the server once again was hit by a DDoS attack, but the team managed to stay calm and get an 11-4 lead, but as
swe Team Alternate got going on the Counter-Terrorist side the game went into overtime.

swe Team Alternate won the map 21-17 which means that swe MYM won’t qualify for sweEMS One Katowice.